Organic Fresh Porcini - Coming Soon

Organic Fresh Porcini - Coming Soon


Boletus Edulis also known as Penny Bun, Porcino or Cep. The porcini mushroom has a large brown cap with tubes that extend downwards from the underside of the cap rather than gills. One of the world’s favorite wild mushroom varieties. The porcini has a wonderful strong nutty flavour with a beautiful meaty texture. Without question, the porcini is one of the most versatile of the wild mushrooms and can be used in many dishes.

Our organic fresh porcini are free of worms, parasites as well as nicotine, pesticides and heavy metals. We offer an industry leading microbiological analysis for every shipment of our product that complies to the highest international standards.


Porcini mushrooms coontain ample concentrations of B-complex group vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.

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