When purchasing fresh porcinis, select mushrooms with firm stems and a rich, woodsy aroma. If the stem is mushy or feels hollow, it is infested with insects. If the mushroom lacks fragrance, it is probably old and will not have much flavour. Fresh porcinis spoil quickly and should be eaten within a few days of collection or purchase. Keep them in a paper bag or wrapped in a cloth. Store both dried and canned porcinis in a cool, dry place.


In addition to the Porcini mushroom (Boletus edulis), there are several varieties of Boletus Mushrooms: red and yellow bolete, white king bolete, butter bolete, ragger’s bolete, and painted slippery cap. However, Porcini are definitely the most desirable for cooking and eating. AFRICAS BEST FOODS LTD offers Porcini in their fresh form, as well as frozen, dehydrated and in brine. 


The Porcini is one of the finest varieties of mushrooms and it is exceptionally delicious; It has a extremely rich flavour. Porcini can be enjoyed in many ways and are extremely sought after in Europe, America and in the East. Their nutty, earthy & meaty flavour compliments almost any hot or cold dish.

Before using fresh Porcini, remove the base of the stem and the vertical tubes under the cap. To reconstitute dried Porcini, soak them in hot water for 20 minutes. Save the soaking water for use in sauces and soup stock. In addition, cooking brings out the flavour. Sauté or fry them for 5 to 7 minutes; or cook them in a small amount of liquid in a tightly sealed pan for 15 minutes.

Once cooked, use them in any recipe that requires mushrooms. The flavour of Porcini blends especially well with Italian seasonings. Porcini are also delicious when grilled.

Brush the mushrooms with butter or oil just before placing them on the grill. Heat the mushrooms thoroughly, sprinkle them immediately with Parmesan cheese, and serve.


Boletus Edulis carry several natural antioxidants such as Vitamin C, flavonoidsm and phenolic compounds.


Porcini mushroom, 100g (raw)

  • Calories: 26

  • Protein: 2.5g

  • Carbohydrate: 5.1g

  • Total Fat: 0.2g

  • Fibre: 1.5g

  • *Excellent source of: Niacin (4.5mg)

  • *Good source of: Potassium (484mg) Selenium (11mcg)